Wedding F.A.Q.s

How far do you travel?

We operate mostly in the Midlands but can travel anywhere in the UK. If it is within 20 miles of our base in Melton Mowbray, our travel time is free. Beyond that, we charge a mileage fee to help cover costs.

How long will you serve for?

Because each pizza is cooked to order in front of each guest, we take about an hour to serve 150 people

What if it rains?

Hot Rocks are prepared for wet weather and work from a gazebo or small tent which can be positioned next to you marquee or venue, but its always a good idea for you to make provision for guests walking to us in the event of rain.

Do you need electricity?

Yes please, we need a standard 13 amp socket within 6 metres

How long does each pizza take to cook?

When our oven is at its optimum temperature, each pizza is cooked in around 90 seconds.

How many people can you serve?

We can cook all day long and serve several hundred people but work on about 150 pizzas per hour.

Do you bring everything with you?

Yes, we bring the food, the staff, and all of the equipment needed.

What about vegetarians and vegans?

The meat free options with wood fired pizza are endless and vegan pizzas are superb.

How many staff do you provide?

We will bring enough staff to cook and serve the pizza - usually 5-7.

Do you provide cutlery and plates?

We find most people naturally eat pizza with their hands. If you have chosen to have salads or would like wooden cutlery, please ask.

Pizza is served on high quality bio degradable plates and napkins are recycled. If you wish to have china plates and steel cutlery, we can hire these at roughly £1.90 per person.

How much space do you need?

Our minimum footprint in 6 metres left to right and 6 metres front to back, but a little more than this is helpful.

Can you operate indoors?

Yes, if it is a big enough space such as a large marquee. Once our oven is up and running there is very little smoke as we burn seasoned hardwood. There will however be a smell of delicious pizza!

How do you charge for children?

We find children have good appetites for pizzas and eat as much as adults, but if they are under 10 we charge half price.

How does payment work?

All bookings are considered provisional until a 25% deposit is received.

This deposit will secure the booking. Full payment is required two weeks before the event.

What about health and safety?

Hot Rocks are fully risk assessed.

Are Hot Rocks members of any trade organisations?

Yes we are members of the National Association of Caterers

Staff are trained in safe working practices and good food hygiene.

Hot Rocks are fully insured for staff and public liability.

Food safety management procedures are in place.

Hot Rocks are registered with our local authority.